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Air Condition Sales & Services

Having a damaged air conditioner or its wrong installation is both way dangerous and also life-threatening. If you have either of this issue in your home, then this is the high time to consider a pro service. At PMS Electrical our skilled electrical contractors can serve you from both the sides effectively. Apart from installing new air conditioner we are also dedicated to add extra life in your system by repairing its faulty parts.

Air condition replacement:
Sometimes, repairing the old air conditioner does not work. The only solution remains is the replacement with a new one. You might have been thinking for the replacement cost. But what we think is that it is quite better and smart way to install a new one than considering its repairing cost and paying huge bucks on electricity bill. So, if you consider installing a new one, it will save you huge money as they are energy efficient and durable.

Air condition sales:
We have been working in this electrical line for 10 years. We have built a strong network of satisfied clients across Toowoomba and other adjoining places. However, when it comes to the air condition sales, we cater nothing but the best brands in the industry. Our offered air conditioners come with long time guarantee. And as long as our skilled electrical contractors are here, the servicing is absolutely unbeatable and affordable.
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