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Electrical and air conditioning

services in Toowoomba.

Licence No.74650

Pools, Spas, Saunas

PMS Electrical is an ideal hotspot to enhance your mood for a relishing bath. How? We install, repair and maintain electrical configuration of spa, pool and saunas at commercial and residential places. We have diversified team of electricians who have hands on experience in different fields. And when it comes to pool, sauna and spa our experienced electricians are all set to cater the need of handling the entire sides of pool settings and its refurbishments.
We have 10 years of experience working in this field and over the times we have extended our service nature to a great extent so that we can cater the most possible electrical services to the inhabitants of Toowoomba and across. We offer top quality pool, sauna and spa fittings to ensure safe and consistent flow of electricity to light, pumps and motors.
From basic pool, sauna and spa design, installation to maintenance, we offer high quality spa and pool requirements at competitive price. Call us today and let our experts make your bathing fascination more relaxing and safe.