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Electrical and air conditioning

services in Toowoomba.

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Do you live in an old home? Then it is necessary to check the health of its electrical wiring. Sometimes, it’s not just a faulty wiring that calls for a pro service, in most cases the old and inadequate wiring bring about the need for its complete change.
There are houses and commercial buildings across Toowoomba that were built to meet the living needs, while the electrical wiring and structures were hardly being noticed. Over the times the damage in the system is inevitable. Therefore, running in the risk can also be expected anytime soon! The experienced electrical heads of PMS Electrical is all set to give you complete service for rewiring to commercial and residential buildings.
Our efficient and professional electrical contractors know the difference of rewiring in commercial and residential places. So, when we get the call for rewiring, we prefer to have general walk through before starting the operation. Depending upon the condition of the wires and the structures, we come next day with complete and proper equipment and start the job.
At PMS Electrical, we are affluent in rewiring for both small house and large scale industry. Please give us a call to know more of this service.