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Solar Bore Pumps

Do you want to ensure a proper flow of water in the scorching weather? We all know that in Australia, the summer is never a soothing time and in most cases it leaves our water tank dried thereby the taps give thin water line. Have you experienced the same before? Then call us to get our reliable, affordable and effective solar bore pump solution.
Our effectively designed solar bore pump is a fuss free, simple process to get water even in the outcast days. This pump is made up of solar panels that consume energy at the daytime therefore it is cost-effective and energy efficient. It gives power to the electric pumps and also efficient in providing energy to the surface pumps as well as the submersible bore pumps. You can get water from as deeper as 250 metres. And you know the deeper the water is the better would be its taste.
Whether you want to stock water for your family, plants or want to transfer the deep water to your tank, solar bore pumps are the smartest and the most affordable way to do it.
At PMS Electrical, our range of bore pump system is very affordable and promptly designed to meet your needs. Call us today and let our experts suggest you the most effective water solutions.