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Switchboard Upgrades

Switchboard is the main electrical control unit of a home. A good switchboard means your home is safe from any electrical fatal accidents or else don’t think of its contrary part- the consequences could be dangerous sometimes end up taking lives! And here we, PMS Electrical steps in with our experienced electrical contractors having hands on experience for switchboard upgrades to various areas from domestic to commercial places.
Many switchboard gets unreasonably hot, sometimes stop working or the breaks get down and there are many other symptoms that indicate the bad health of the system. If you see any of the above or any other unusual symptoms in your place, then this is the high time to give a call us.

How do we upgrade?
We have a decade of experience in this line and have seen various twist and turns in electrical servicing. And switchboard upgrade is our favourite area to deal with. Our adroit electrical contractors start the operation from the core of the system.
We believe that, rewiring and updating the existing is smarter and affordable option. We install top-grade switchboard with newly set wires which are highly potential in carrying electricity and providing protection. On the other hand, we believe that the age of fuse has gone away as it hardly guarantees any protection. So, we replace the old fuse with advanced circuit breakers which is durable and also provides maximum protection.
The process of switchboard upgrade is lengthy and it requires professional hands. If, you feel to give a pro check up to your existing switchboard then, this is the high time to give a ring to us. Call today and let our expert electrical contractors upgrade the switchboard.